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Club History

Our club was founded over 34 years ago by Marshall Painter, Ron Baker, Kens Automotive and Rallye Auto Parts as the South Florida Volkswagen & Porsche Club. Each of them put up $250. The first Show ‘n Shine was held 2 yrs later at Markham Park and after 2 yrs moved to CB Smith Park. After 2 yrs there the water slide was built and the club was kicked out moving to Mills Pond Park. Because “Hot VW’s” would not print club info claiming that we were primarily a Porsche club, the latter was dropped from the logo. Several Porsche classes used to exist at the show. Hopefully some old memorabilia including the original banner will be found. Marshall Painter later went on to start Luftwagens.

About The SFVWC

2019 Officers

President: David J. Kissel

Vice President: Rolf Englefried

Treasurer: Bill Higerd

Secretary: Barry Steinlage

Sgt. at Arms: Hans Stacklies

Board of Directors

Ted Koepfinger

Mike Rose